Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rock, paper, scissors

Rock is for the granite curb I hit yesterday and removed the hubcap on the car (but the tire does not seem flat) and sooner or later the hubcap will be reattached to the car.

Paper is for the paper the insurance company insists on drowning us in. I know lots is done electronically now. My doctor never gives me written prescriptions any more. They are sent electronically to the pharmacy which goes on line is linked to the insurance company regarding coverage and payment. Now they have invented this evil system of preapprovals. THAT MUST BE DONE ON PAPER.

On Feb 4, I saw my doctor and asked for a refill on one of my prescriptions. I called the pharmacy last week to see if they had it and could fill it so I could pick it. Apparently on Feb 4 when the doctor sent it over, it was too early to be filled so it was put on hold. But now when I need it, it requires preapproval from the insurance company. So the pharmacy called the doctor who must get a form from the insurance company and fill it out and mail or fax it in. After approval the insurance company will mail or fax it back to the doctor who must get it to the pharmacy. This a PAPER system by companies who communicate electronically all the time. The insurance company requires it be done on PAPER. And it takes 7-10 days. And no it couldn't have been started when the insurance couldn't fill the prescription on the 4th because it was too early. That would have been logical.

There is a giant technological gap here - job opportunity here? - that could be filled by a few lines of code here and there and simplify everything.

The scissors is actually the technology behind this new app for your smart phone - diagnose cancer with 96% accurancy... but don't get too happy here - it needs more tests.

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