Saturday, February 12, 2011

Looking forward not backwards

After a bad week, I need to focus on looking forward. Why was this a bad week? I was taken off two pain meds and replaced with a new one - my body didn't adapt quite quickly enough. I spent too much time last weekend on my feet and my back hurt. I joined a new gym and they made me EXERCISE! I attempted to be a normal human being. Yet another online cancer person I know died.

Now it is time to put all that behind me. Today I will start looking forward:

- We are going to the travel show tomorrow so we can plan a trip to Iceland - why Iceland? Because its there and we haven't been. Maybe we can win a trip to some place warm between now and then a well.

- I will figure out the giant diagram of the new bathroom vanity as part of our upcoming bathroom & kitchen which will start in about six weeks. I will also attempt to convince my husband I can make mosaic tiles for highlights in the kitchen.

- We will start looking at our taxes - which means take the piles of paper and sort them out so we can give them to our accountant.

- We will go walk in the outdoors and get some fresh air - this hasn't happened recently because of snow drifts and the return of the ice age.

- My husband has promised me a Valentine dinner - that he is making from scratch. Its a secret so he won't tell me about it.

- I will ignore all aches, pains, hot flashes, leg and foot cramps and enjoy myself. I will also ignore all upcoming doctor appointments for either of us. My husband's annual colonoscopy is Friday. He is a little stressed. I am more stressed. He is just happy I can't make him eat whole grain everything for a week and he gets white bread, etc.

Optimism is good for the soul. So is feeling good, a cup of hot tea on a cold day day, a new book from the library, hopes and dreams.

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kvpi said...

hey caroline-- I am a stage 3 BC survivor (almost 2 yrs) and i've enjoyed your blog a lot! I am delurking to tell you that I am taking my family to Iceland next month--also because we've never been, its CHEAP, and we're in the mood for an adventure! I'll report back--

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