Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking charge of my health

I have fallen into a rut of bad behaviors:
  • I am eating too much leftover Halloween candy. This is a new 'bad' thing. We never have candy in  our house so we are taking advantage of it. We did not get the trick or treaters we thought we would  and have had candy in the house. I think I need to hide it from us until my brother comes to visit with his wife and four children over Thanksgiving. I can safely say there will not be any candy left by the time they leave.
  • We need to eat more fruit and vegetables. This is not to say we do not eat fruit and vegetables. We both have a piece of fruit with breakfast and another as a snack during the day.  We also have a vegetable with dinner every night. But some how we have gotten out of the habit of eating a salad as a first course every night. I have to fix that. 
  • I need to lose 20 lb. - see the two items above. Decrease candy + increase salad = weight loss.
  • New ailments and on going old ailments make me feel crappy and in pain more and more. I need a lot less of that.
I have to focus on my long term health. After discovering I was allergic to my first two RA drugs, my rheumatologist said something to me and I said 'I am focused on my long term health." It has to be my goal. I go to the gym three times a week and do as much of my work out as I can - some days about half, some days more.

With my medical history, I have to be more proactive than the average person. I have to increase my fruit and veggie intake. I got my flu shot. I do get exercise. I need to be in charge of my health again. I have been lazy.

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Anonymous said...

a new diagnosis or two can really through you for a loop. You've needed a bit of space to mourn new loses and develop some new strategies. Now it is time to get back to the long term view.

Lois K

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