Sunday, March 4, 2018

Because We Get It

I have been going to the same gym probably for eight years or so. I can't remember how long, nor to ask if they can tell me sometime while I am there. But its a great place for me and my ailments. It is also full of all kinds of other 'not-quite-healthy' people. O2 tanks, rollators, walkers, canes, and other body supports are not uncommon.

I have met many people there who I chit chat with while doing cardio and between resistance exercises. Its a very dedicated group who goes to the gym because of the extra attention we get for all our ailments. We get to know each other and notice when someone is not around for a while - is it surgery, vacation, or, or, or.... We breathe a silent sigh relief when we see people return.

There is one woman who I noticed shortly after she joined. Why did I notice here? She has that lovely chemo hair style, very sparse in many places on her head, and chemo pallor. She seems to have many friends who she chats with there and appears to know them outside of the gym.

We chat from time to time when we end up next to each other on the seated bikes. I know I have talked cancer with her regularly - because its something we have in common.

I hadn't talked to her since last fall sometime - before my knee surgery - until last week. We actually had a nice chat and caught up. She has been having some new side effects from her chemo and plans to talk to her oncologist at her next infusion to see if something can be done. She has been treated for lymphoma for the past ten years and this is her first real problem with neuropathy.

At the end of our conversation she said something to me about the fact that I am pretty much the only one there who 'gets it'.

Its that crazy cancer bond thing. But I don't even know her name. That doesn't matter because we both get it.

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