Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cancer is hilarious

Well from the patient's side it is, definitely. I posted about being funny last week (or sometime recently that has fallen into the abyss called chemobrain). But some people are funnier than me. I read a blog called 'Cancer is Hilarious' which details the life of Kaylin who had a sarcoma and all sorts of medical adventures. Then in my pursuit to read all things funny about cancer, some how yesterday I stumbled across this fun little project called "Terminally Illin'" where the same Kaylin is raising money on Kickstarter to help publish a cancer cartoon book.

Slightly cynical, slightly irreverent, and REALLY hilarious, "Terminally Illin" is a candid look into the life of a young adult battling cancer, but with a psychedelic, sci-fi twist! It’s more than a comic book: It’s provocative, educational, entertaining, and totally original.  Think of "Terminally Illin" as a chemo-induced "Alice in Wonderland' meets campy 'Hollywood' action-adventure.

In our story, our hero goes in for her first day of chemo, but ends up getting lost in a fantasy world within her own microscopic body - on a quest to meet her disease face-to-face and kick it's butt!!

She's joined by her pet kitty, Iceman, as they set out to destroy the Tumordome, the invading cancer cell army, and their leader - the little dictator that's bent on world domination. But they don't do it alone - they make friends with a rag-tag bunch of weakened immune system cells that are on their last leg.  Hilarity and butt-kicking will ensue.  

This is their second book. I wish I had a copy of the first book as I wait for this one to come out. Anything that invokes a chemo-induced Alice in campy Hollywood sounds good to me.  There is not enough humorous stuff about cancer. There is not enough cancer stuff for young adults with cancer. So you add it up and you get funny stuff for all of us with cancer, especially those on the younger side. I'm all in here.

I will donate to their cause on Kickstarter, I encourage others to donate as well.

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Renn said...

Thanks for sharing, I just contributed too! What a great idea.

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