Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiered health insurance options

We have heard about the options in tiered health insurance. This is where the insurer negotiates rates with different medical facilities and then charges the patient differently based on where they go. That generic drugs are cheaper than brand name ones, etc. are another side of this.

I have always thought this was a good idea. I think patients have a tendency to either go for medical care to wherever their doctors send them or where they have always gone. Patients are human beings who are essentially lazy and take the path of least resistance. But what if the insurance company started charging them more for where they have always gone? I never thought about that part.

Yesterday as I was rushing to go to work on a rainy Monday, I went back first for my hair brush and second to see if I left the stove on (otherwise I would have had a bad hair day and driven myself crazy all day thinking I was burning down the house with the cat in it), I was also listening to the radio. They had a commercial on for some big health insurance plan where the CEO or some big-wig was on talking about the how's and why's of tiered health care.

I know I go to a relatively 'expensive' hospital but it is the closest one without going into the traffic filled city of Boston. Then the horrifying thought occurred to me - what if they started charging me more to go where my 30+ years of medical records reside? 'Surely they can't mean me' are the blinders we live by when these changes are announced. If this happens, I will have to become a rebel and protest this.

I understand the principle behind this steer patients to the less expensive medical facilities. This may also get them to use the smaller community facilities instead of the fancy (expensive) ones but there also should be some logic applied to this formula. Somewhere in the equation should be the consideration for the patient who doesn't want to go geographically far away for treatment when it good treatment is located near by. (This integration intentioned busing applied to medical care - send the patients to far away places because they want to keep things 'even'.)  It sounds good in theory but isn't with the patient's best interests in mind. Hmmm.... must be the insurance companies in charge again.

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