Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unwanted interrogations

I really despise this. You reveal an ailment and get an interrogation in return. It doesn't matter how well you know the person, you just want to shut them up.

Recently, when asked about my wrist brace, I said my usual 'its a combination of tendinitis, tennis elbow, RA and more'.

These questions ensued:

Have you had a cortisone injection? Yes, two.
Do you take anti-inflammatories? Yes
Do go to PT? No but I go to a gym which is run by physical therapists.
Do you take vitamin B6? Yes to shut them up (and then I went home and checked my vitamin bottle).
Do you meditate? No but I knit and crochet and it has been shown to have the same effect.
Have you tried acupuncture? Yes (but not in the past year or so - something I didn't share).

I am so glad I didn't mention any other ailments.... The questions might never have stopped.

Do I know you? No. Is it any of your business? No. Do you mind shutting up now?

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