Friday, November 28, 2014

Inflammation and me

A few weeks ago I had my evil toe infection and was on antibiotics which meant I was off  Methotrexate for three weeks. Methotrexate keeps my RA and its inflammation in check. But antibiotics and MX don't work together. Or if I feel I am getting a cold, I am not supposed to take my MX either.

So week one I felt like I was getting a cold so I skipped it. Week two my stupid toe started and I was on antibiotics so I skipped it. Week three I was still on antibiotics for my stupid toe so I skipped it. Then I had two weeks of my MX injections. Then I went for my regular blood work on Tuesday to check my blood for evil things related to RA and its treatment. No big deal.

Then Wednesday I am happily cooking away, having fun, enjoying myself, and I missed a phone call. I checked my voice mail a few minutes later to find one of  'those' messages.

"Hi this is Debbie from Dr. K's office calling about your blood work yesterday. Can you please call us when you can? We are here today till 430 and then back on Friday. Its not urgent (hah!) but please call."

Of course, I called immediately. I hate those messages with so much subtext behind them. Debbie answered and said she had the results of my blood work and wanted to talk to me about them.

Apparently my inflammation levels were up and she wanted to know if I was in the middle of a bad flare up. I said no, more of the usual but nothing bad. But then I told her I had been off MX for three weeks and only back on it for two weeks. She felt that would account for the increased levels but to be sure to keep my appointment with Dr K next week.

So its only inflammation but it would make sense that I have been feeling like crap. And yes I'll keep my appointment.

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