Friday, November 7, 2014

Poked and prodded

Yesterday I had a dermatology annual skin check. This is a real conversation:

"How long has this mole been two colored?"

"I have no idea, its on my butt and I can't see it."

We did get a snicker out of that one and she laughed at herself. But the mole is no longer as it has been scraped off. And its a little sore and its on my butt. So this will be a fun day.

I also was a little daring. I had a wart appear on my left arm. My left lymphedema arm. My left lymphedema arm which cannot have needles or pressure or cutting or anything. I thought I was going to be stuck with the damn thing for life.

But the dermatology NP thought that since burning it off wouldn't be a problem because its  surface thing. I thought another second or two and said fine, go for it.

Right now my arm feels fine. I may wear a sleeve for a day or two just in case. I usually do not wear a compression sleeve except when working out or flying.

Then for more fun and games, I am going back to the doctor this morning for another look at my toe to see if I need more antibiotics or not. The first thing they do is squish the part that hurts. Ow.

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