Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stepping Back to the Big Picture

Sometimes I just need the big picture and skip the details. Yesterday I saw my knee doctor. I asked him to update his notes on my appointment on the big picture state of my knees. I need this information for my SSDI application and I sometimes just need the big picture for myself.

The status is, and I quote, "At some point they will end up being bone on bone and we will need to talk knee replacement. That could be in ten years or two." In the meantime, I can continue to get steroid injections in them and possibly arthroscopic surgery to clean up the right one.

I hate all this medical crap. Sometimes I get too bogged down in the details and the day to day crap that I forget about the big picture. And sometimes, like this one, the big picture isn't too great. The answer I wanted was 'your knees will be miraculously cured in about two months'.

But I really did need the big picture for my disability application. Which is still grinding through the system, awaiting a meeting with a judge.

I digress. I will also need to talk big picture with my other doctors as well. I could use the overview from them as well.

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