Thursday, August 24, 2017


In the world of continual medical research and advancements - that every day allow us to get improved treatments for ailments - I feel very frustrated. No I am not on top of all research that is going on so I am sure there is a lot that I am not aware of. But from a patient's point of view it can get very frustrating.

For example, yesterday I read something about how a century old vaccine for something else is being tested to see if it would work as a vaccine for fibromyalgia. That sounds  great. A way to prevent others from getting fibro - which is no fun.

Ahem, but where is the cure? Just because they can prevent someone from getting something they still need a cure. A vaccine only reduces one's risk of getting the ailment and not preventing it 100%. Look at how well the Shingles vaccine works? How many people get the vaccine but still get shingles? I don't know the number but I know it exists - like the flu vaccine.

So where does this leave us patients with ailments? Frustrated. How long are we supposed to wait for the cure? We have the 40+ year 'War on Cancer' and the Cancer Moonshot. And we are still waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Having just celebrated my 6 mo. anniversary for Breast Cancer recovery,I hear your frustration. No one seems to admit environmental causes for cancer. Tell us how to live our lives differently to prevent recurrence.

So I've taken matters into my own hands. After just 2 weeks of reading, I'm shocked. Why did the store sell me a loaf of bread in a toxic bread bag? The toxins they used to make my wool shirt doesn't wash out. The Chinese tea the dietician recommends is loaded with lead and pesticide and unregulated by the US govt

You may want to start removing toxins from your life. Food. Fabric. Check out GOTS Certified organic bedding and clothing. I'd recommend the book Toxin Solution by Joseph Pizzorno. The book suggests the type of chemicals that may have caused your type of cancer. Home Safe Home Debra Dadd 2005 gives alternatives to household cleaners and beauty.

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