Monday, February 5, 2018

Because Of Your Medical History....

Once you get cancer or any other 'nasty' medical ailment, this little phrase follows you for the rest of your life 'because of your medical history...'. If you have this phrase following you around, you are lucky when you are not sent for more tests or additional follow appointments start filling your calendar.

As a child I was not the one (sister) who had ear infections non-stop or the one (brother) that went running around into and over and under things resulting into many minor injuries requiring stitches, etc. I was the reasonably healthy one, except for a few colds here and there.

Boom, at age 19, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that magic little phrase started following me around. I never had a normal doctor appointment. Even if it wasn't discussed, that cancer history was still lurking in the air between the doctor and I.

It followed me for decades. Until I added another cancer diagnosis and then it followed even closer. And was probably written like this 'because of your medical history...'. Two cancer diagnoses before fifty and all the red flags start jumping up to the doctors. Do you have a genetic abnormality? Did you wade in toxic waste as a child or live next to a smelly factory? It didn't matter why, all it meant was I went to more doctor appointments than anyone I know.

Since then with a bad back (three different places), rheumatoid, and fibromyalgia, now my pet phrase is written like this 'because of your medical history...'. It is right on my heels every day. I now need my medical history to the point that I don't even dare to go to another hospital. It would take too much time to explain my ailments, allergies, and medications to any emergency room triage person. No, I can't print out a list to take with me because it changes too often.

So that little phrase has gone from an annoyance to a necessity. Damn. I wish I was healthy.

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