Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm back

What's on my mind? A lot I guess. I am sick of pinktober. I was in the grocery store there were so many products with little pink ribbons. I felt like the store was dipped in pink. Is buying a bag of chips or can of soup with a little pink ribbon on it contributing to a cure for breast cancer? I don't see the connection.

If I put on my psychology hat for a moment, I can say this all goes back to my refusal to call myself a cancer survivor. I am not a cancer survivor. I am a person living with cancer. I only survived a bunch of doctors appointments - somewhere over 150 in the past three years alone. I am no psychologist or psychiatrist but perhaps there is a tie in.

The local weekly newspaper last year for the month of October published their issues on pink paper and interviewed breast cancer people each week. I declined last year but this year I am actually being written about as someone who blogs to deal with cancer and other health issues. (More about that when its published.) But what does a pink newsprint have to do with breast cancer???

Maybe pinktober makes me cynical? I'll just be a cynic for the rest of the month. That works.

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Unknown said...

I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer, and I echo your feelings on the "pink" wave that is in my face everywhere. My first appointment following my diagnoses included my breast cancer case manager who handed me a pink folder to bring to all appointments(it's in the trash), a pink ribbon car magnet, pink t-shirt, keychain, frig magnet, pin, etc. Why not just tattoo it on my forehead? She even told me that the marker in my breast placed at the time of my biopsy was ribbon shaped. Needless to say, I have a new case manager. I'm not in denial--just a realist. I think I will research making a charm for my Pandora bracelet that says "Cancer Sucks". Sorry to vent, but it was refreshing to read about your pink aversion. I felt like a closet pink a phobic. :)

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