Saturday, October 23, 2010

More on blogging, news and privacy

Back in July, I blogged about this same topic. A year or two ago I was asked by the very same organization that I work for now if I wanted to be included in a weekly series the local paper was doing on breast cancer people as part of their Pinktober series. I declined. This year I was asked directly by a reporter for the same paper if she could write a story about me and blogging as part of their Pinktober series. This time I accepted.

What made me change my mind? A few things. I am in a more settled place mentally with all this. The article is not about me and my cancer(s) but about me and my blog as a way of coping.

Also, the whole thing about the internet and privacy. There is no privacy on the internet. We are all online. Unless you live in a cave these days and keep your money in a coffee can and never buy anything, you can be found.

So I am in the paper. It is online. My blog is online. They are linked together. I am part of Pinktober. But I didn't spend a cent.

The picture of me is really crappy. I had hoped they would use more of it. Its of me standing in front of a little lighthouse. They cropped it down to me so I look like crap.


ChuckieFrog said...

Caroline, I read the article and thought it was good! Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame. Also thought this was an excellent blog post.

Anonymous said...

What a great article! Thanks for adding the link. I thought it was helpful to anyone facing illness who might want to find quality info and support on the web, as well as locally, face to face. Well done! ....and I liked the photo, too. :). Robin

Debby said...

I thought the photo was nice, and I liked your hair. (Is it post chemo or pre? It's so smooth. I don't think that my hair will ever be smooth again. Good job. Good article.

Cynthia said...

It is a great article - you're going to reach even more people this way so it's all good.

And I like the picture!

Dee said...

Very good article, Caroline! I enjoyed it!

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