Friday, October 29, 2010

The ultimate recycling

So what are you going to do when you die? No I am not morbid, I am practical. I can't decide. Probably cremation but then what. For the cat, it is definitely cremation and then a little plot in the back yard somewhere. There is not much of a choice. I have friends who keep their pet's ashes in the closet. But for people it is a little more complicated.

Apparently there are some choices. Its the ultimate recycling instead of just decomposing in the ground. But there are also green burials where they skip the nasty embalming chemicals and use a basket instead of a casket.

Here is a list to choose from.

1. Donate your organs - well that's easy. I can do that one. I can relate.

2. Donate your tissue - that's also easy. Could I do 1 & 2?

3. Will your body to a university - so some future doctor can dissect me? I think not. Yuck!

4. Help doctors practice their skills - Ew again. No. No extra incisions.

5. Leave your body to "the body farm" - this is where they figure out how long it takes maggots to show up on a dead body. No. No. No. No bugs in me.

6. Become a crash test cadaver - No again. I don't need a car accident - even after I am gone.

7. Give your body to a broker - who will sell your parts for science, research and training. Um, no again.

8. Send your body on tour - with those Body Worlds. No. My flabbiness will not be exposed in plastic for eternity.

9. Become a skeleton - for a school or some place where students will pose you in weird positions as part of a prank or you get hidden in closets to fall out on people. Dont think so!

10. Be on display at a museum - A special museum at the College of Physicians. No, see flabbiness note above.

Hmmm... I'm thinking donate tissue and organs and then cremation. That I can do. But would my estate get a tax credit for the donations after I'm gone? I'll go ask my accountant that one.

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