Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Long term risks of cancer treatment

A recent study revealed that most of the survivors of childhood cancers, end up with life long health problems. I find this a bit scary. It shows that cancer treatment can cause long term health issues. Yes what was standard treatment up to 48 years ago, the length of time from the longest survivor's treatment, certainly is not standard today.

Cancer treatment has been likened to a slash and burn. Cut out what can be found and then burn it with radiation and then go after it systemically with chemotherapy. It must leave long term issues as it is such a harsh system of treatment.

But how are we going to be in 40 years? Will our cancer treatments impact our potential longevity? But what about those of us who have had cancer treatments? Because we survived treatment are we then putting our future health at risk? What didn't kill us, may not have made us stronger but the treatment may kill us in the end.

Perhaps more research is needed.

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