Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How rude, tasteless, insensitive and completely stupid

The UK based Pancreatic Cancer Action recently ran a series of ads saying such lovely things as "I wish I had breast cancer". Please close your mouth if you are gaping at this.
And the woman in the ad says she would do it again.

How bad is this? Let me count the ways.
  1. The organization claims it is hard hitting on purpose - a shock campaign to raise awareness. Well tough cookies. I know you want to be hard hitting but you could do it with out being offensive. And rude, tasteless, insensitive and completely stupid. Where were your brains people? Where was your reality check on your ad campaign?
  2. The woman in the ad says she would do it again and has no regrets. I'm sorry you have pancreatic cancer and a short time to live. But you could have gotten the same diagnosis and prognosis with breast cancer. 
  3. This is a nice clear example of how the pink ribbon campaigns and awareness have frivolized (if that wasn't a word, before it is now) the real severity of a breast cancer diagnosis. Cancer is cancer. And even if you paint it pink and put a little ribbon on it, its still cancer.
  4. No cancer is better than any other. I have had two 'good' cancers if you must (but really please don't). There is no good cancer. Stop comparing them.
 This gets the tasteless and insensitive award for 2014 from me.


Cindy Vine said...

I can't not believe they did that! You are so right rude and tasteless. Only someone who has not had cancer could come up with that kind of advertising plan. Once you get told you have cancer, there are no words to describe the feeling of fear and helplessness you feel when you first hear those words.

Anonymous said...

That is beyond rude. Cancer is cancer and one is certainly not "beter" than they other. Sorry you even had to be confronted with such bullshittyness. - Sylvia

maria ishfaq said...

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