Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stem cells anyone

I am not a biochemist or anything, nor am I a medical professional. So I do not pretend to understand everything about this kind of scientific stuff. But I do realize this is a major breakthrough.

Someone discovered how to make stem cells cheaply and easily.

The genial 63-year-old anesthesiologist who left stem cell scientists shaking their heads in wonder and puzzlement last week, with the discovery that a simple acid bath could be used to generate powerful stem cells, doesn’t even have a PhD.

I read about this earlier this week when I read this article that said it was essentially a 30 minute acid bath and voila, stem cells.

From the little I know, I still consider this big news.

But also it shows how research can go in the wrong direction for years and for billions of dollars. Not just for stem cells but for anything. It just took a new pair of eyes to figure out what other people had been trying to figure out for so long.

Now we need more progress....

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