Monday, October 26, 2015

I've been busy

For the past month or so, I have been very busy. And for the past week I have been very very busy. The big project has been moving. Thursday we saw a house we really liked on paper but in reality it had too many problems. We also saw a house that was too big for us, a house that was a bit too expensive, and a house that simply needed more work than we wanted to do.

Friday we found another house on line that we really liked. Our realtor even went to see it Friday afternoon and they said we needed to act fast. My husband went to see the house on Saturday morning (I was unavailable) and liked it a lot. We made an offer, only to find out someone else had already made an offer that was accepted.

Sunday we went to see more houses, only to find one that we really liked on paper had an in ground swimming pool, something we don't want. And we saw a couple more but either they were too big, too small, to much money or needed more work. We decided to go back to the one we really liked that was too expensive and decided to make an offer. We now have to wait to find out. As the house hunting roller coaster continues.

After the house price, the biggest issue in house hunting is my husband's commute. The second biggest issue is to make sure we have a house that is mostly one floor living as the expected decline in my health will continue. This all makes me feel even older. I am too young to look for one floor living.

But I've been busy. I promise to get back to regular blogging. As pinktober continues.

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