Thursday, October 1, 2015

Taking charge once again and chaos

I usually go along with the flow of medical care and go to my appointments like a good girl. But every so often I take a step back and make some changes.

When my therapist retired at the end of last year, I switched to a new one who I didn't like. Then I switched to another. I really don't like her and find her pretty useless to me. So I think she is getting the ax when I see her next week.

She also sent me to a fibromyalgia support group, one of the most useless meetings I have ever been to. I will be opting out of that as well. One of my big reasons is that I feel I get no support from it. And as its an official 'group' at the hospital, I have a $20 co-pay every time I go. I sometimes go to the breast cancer support group at the hospital and there is no co-pay so I have no idea why I have to pay for this one. But not any more.

Right now I have enough going on with out wasting time and money on useless meetings. Our house is a disaster right now. The only things in the living room are a sofa, a sideboard, two lamps and the tv on a tv stand. Everything else is stuffed into another room. The master bedroom is empty of everything but two dressers. We are sleeping on the mattress and box spring in the guest room which is packed full of boxes and other stuff. The kitchen is also a mess. This is all because we are having the walls painted. We hope they will be done today so we can put everything back tomorrow.

The exterior paint is being touched up. We had it painted nine years ago with a 'lifetime' paint that hasn't lasted. The manufacturer is providing new paint free of charge that was supposed to arrive Tuesday. I called yesterday and found out he 'forgot' to ship it. He swears he would ship it yesterday so we should have it next Thursday (it comes from British Columbia). I will be on the phone with him later today to make sure it shipped. Now it looks like the house will be painted the day before it goes on the market on 10/15. 

I don't need any more stress. Grrr.

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