Friday, October 23, 2015

More on cancer costs

A few days ago, I blogged about the costs of cancer. But there are lots more costs of cancer that are not just financial.

There are physical costs that include surgical scars, damage to your body from treatments, and more.
The emotional costs are things like PTSD which takes a lot to get through. Neither of these can ever really go away. You just end up covered in scars inside and out.

So well-intentioned people do things like give free trips and events for those who were diagnosed with cancer. These are the people who offer trips to us cancer people.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can go to events like the Stowe Weekend of Hope for free the first year. Then you get an incredibly discounted rate for future years. Don't get me wrong, the Stowe Weekend of Hope is a wonderful event with so many resources for those with cancer. But I just wish I didn't have the medical history which allows me to go so cheaply.

So as we dig deep in our financial pockets we also have to cope with all the other costs and you can't just declare bankruptcy and walk away from your emotional and physical costs.

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