Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The big reveal

I have worked at my  job for almost 6.5 years and am leaving in five weeks. Well I will work remotely one day a week and come in once a month until my replacement is found. Which I assume will take until spring.

I have made friends at work as I have been there so long. They make fun of  my health regularly. And they only know half of it. Yesterday's joke was that I have more ailments than all the patients on the first floor of the local hospital combined. We laugh about it. They wonder how I can laugh about it and I say I have to laugh about it because I really do not have any other choices.

But they really do not know all about my health. They know I have a bad back, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. They do not know about cancer and all the rest. I have decided what I will do when I am done working there is I will give two of my co-workers a link to my blog so they can keep in touch and follow along with the rest of the disasters in my health (unless I miraculously get cured).

In the past, I have never shared my medical crap with my co-workers. I have always felt it doesn't belong in the workplace and I might some day want a reference for another job. At this point, I am retiring and hope to apply for disability social security. I don't plan on needing another job reference because I don't think I can continue to work at all.

So finally I can reveal my medical history to anyone I want to with out fearing any impact on my professional life. I mean who wants to hire someone as unhealthy as me?

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