Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A little too personal for me

Now big pharma has another 'bright idea'. They want to use fitbits in clinical trials to get more details on the impact of the medication and if it is working. However that wouldn't work for me. So it would be another way I would be excluded from potential clinical trials.

I am never eligible for clinical trials now anyway. I have too many ailments to be considered. It would be very difficult to tell the impact of a new medication because I have so many others.

Also, I can't wear fit bits. I cant put anything on my left arm because of lymphedema. This means no watches, no bracelets, and only my wedding ring, when my arm is feeling okay. And a fitbit? Absolutely not. I have problems wearing anything on my right arm because of my tennis elbow/bad wrist/everything else that is going on. No watches, bracelets either (I carry my phone to use instead of a watch).

This article talks about a 'fitbit' that would work as an adhesive patch. I am allergic to so many things these days. Last week's pain patch left a raised area on my chest from the adhesive even though I have been using anti itch lotion to help heal it. I am probably not the only person with multiple  medical issues who would have issues when wearing one of these.

Finally, I think a fitbit is a bit intrusive. Its my body and I am not sure how comfortable I feel with someone monitoring my body from afar. I would want to be the one monitoring the results and then forwarding them to the pharma company.

So a 'bright' idea by someone who is healthy.It might be easier for them, but not necessarily easier for the patients.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline. Long time reader of your blog here. I also believe about the monitoring aspect of the Fitbit but to set the record straight you do not have to wear a band around your arm to be able to use a Fifbit. I wear a Fitbif One everyday to encourage me to keep moving and also to track my sleep. I just clip it to my bra strap or waistband. I never even know it's there. I rarely make my 10,000 steps a day but I do what I can for me.

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