Sunday, September 6, 2015

Prescriptions and regulations and confusion

You might have guessed I take a few prescriptions these days. Actually I have a whole pile. Every weekend I sit down and fill our pill boxes for the week. My husband has one prescription and vitamins. I have a lot more.

I get my prescriptions from three places - the local pharmacy, the insurance company's mail order pharmacy, and the insurance company's specialty pharmacy. I got promoted to the specialty pharmacy this year for some reason. Its not that they really charge more, they just like to make my life more complicated.

What really annoys me about prescription medications are the stupid rules. The latest new rule is that I couldn't just call my pain management doctor for a refill on my break through pain meds (because the new cats hid the other bottle when they 'explored' the shelf in my closet), they had to make sure I had an upcoming appointment with the doctor. They even called me twice to make sure. (Then I explained how the cats hid my prescription which caused me to think that I had run out when I hadn't.)

The other rule that annoys me is that because of the 'opioid' crisis (which I recognize is a real and growing) problem, pharmacies want patients to have used up almost all their prescription before providing a refill. I know that pain medication use can lead to opioid abuse but not everyone.

I am picky about my prescription use. I use one of those lovely box a day pill box for years and have to take pills at three different times during the day (on an empty stomach, after eating, and before bed). If I was really good I would take some pills in the middle of the day as well but since I NEVER remember, that is not going to happen any time soon.

I also think about how often I take certain prescriptions which are prescribed 'as needed'. If I think I am taking them too often, I will take a minute to think how often I am taking them and why and if I need a doctor visit for a potential issue.

I feel I can manage my prescriptions myself and don't think I need any more rules to help me manage them. And about those prices? Well that's another story.

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