Tuesday, September 8, 2015


So crowdfunding is a great concept. It helped get a friend's son injured in Thailand home in a first class seat when he was too injured to sit in a regular seat. It helped numerous independent movies get started. It can raise funds to help a family displaced by fire or other disaster.

But what about crowdfunding medical device design and start up? I would never have thought of that. I prefer my crowd funding to go to individuals and not to companies, especially overseas companies which makes me feel there is little or no recourse to get my money back or new product.

What I find a tad scary is companies are using crowd funding to fund the design and meet FDA approval requirements. So even if you think the concept is awesome, why are you prepaying for something that may never happen - and may end up with the 'As Seen on TV' label.

But now it seems companies are crowdfunding their new medical devices. Maybe it may make them get to market sooner but it doesn't speak to the company's financial stability. If you give them money to get off the ground, how are they going to continue to be solvent as the product develops? And what if they need to make multiple modifications to get approval? Will they continue to crowdfund? Go back and ask everyone for more money?

I kind of get the heebeejeebees on this one.

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Crowdfunding is a form of change finance which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system in market.

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