Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The new doctor

So I met my new primary care yesterday. I think I like her. What's interesting is that what she is concerned about with my health are not the same things as my other doctors.

First of all she called me anemic. My red blood levels have never been the same since chemotherapy. Even though my last chemo was in December of 2007. No one else has ever said something about it. But she said its not that bad since its within one standard deviation of normal (that took some recall of calculus and statistics to make sense).

Second of all, she was interested in what she called my missing blood counts - Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, cholesterol, and more. So I am going for a whole pile of blood tests probably tomorrow morning because they require fasting.

Third she wants to see me with all my test results in about a month to get back to me.

Finally, she talks a lot. But she also listens. So I guess this has a chance.

Call me optimistic.

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