Sunday, January 17, 2016

American Cancer Society's 2016 Outlook

Earlier this week, the ACS released its new outlook for 2016 for cancer death rates in the US. As part of this, they provided four essential cancer charts. I found them very interesting, and hopeful. The first chart deals with cancer death rates over decades.
And the answer is they are going down. Look at the changes since 1990 or so! Look at the declines. The point is there, the death rates are lower than they were 25 years ago. Modern medical research has made a big impact on cancer deaths in case you were wondering why we spend so much is spent on it.

The next chart deals with types of cancer being diagnosed each year. I am very disappointed to see that thyroid cancer has made it into the top 5 types of cancer diagnosed for women each year.

The third chart shows us where lifestyle related cancer causes are highest. No surprise there - the deep South where obesity and poverty rates are highest also has the highest cancer rates. The healthiest people are in the West.

Finally, this is the chart that strikes the deepest chord with me. Look at how the rates of thyroid cancer have increased in recent decades.

Thyroid cancer used to be very rare. Not so much any more. More on these charts is available here.

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