Friday, January 29, 2016

That 'Here We Go Again' Feeling

As a professional patient, at some point when faced with a diagnosis instead of panicking, you get that 'here we go again' feeling. You skip the whole stress and panic stuff and go straight to the 'how the hell are we going to fix this now'?

Honestly I do get stressed about bad medical news but I skip the panic crap and go to the 'here we go again' level. Its sort of like you become deadened to the stress of more medical crap. And it quickly is only crap.

Its sort of becoming brain dead or numbed to yet another medical disaster. They just seem to lose their impact.

Sometimes I feel like I only realize the real impact of what the doctor said to me when someone says to me 'that must really suck' or something to that effect. This is why I have therapists and other support people to help me digest all the medical crap.

I mean how much more can a person take? You told me I had cancer twice, two chronic incurable ailments, and one body falling apart syndrome that can't be cured. What else could there be? I will remain calm..... As long as I can.

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