Friday, January 8, 2016

One heck of a week

I haven't been blogging because I've been a little busy, to say the least. Yes I still have a cold. It keeps lingering which doesn't help anything. And it means I can't go to the gym and work off the stress.

During this week we have had all kinds of fun:
  • The buyer of our old house's lender wanted documentation that doesn't exist. We had to jump through hoops to get a letter from the town on something that no one has ever asked for, ever. Our broker came through on this. But it cause a lot of stress, starting New Year's Eve.
  • The buyer of our old house's broker is an idiot. They didn't understand there was any reason to do anything helpful, or have someone keep on top of things while they went out of the country for the holidays.
  • The seller of our new house's broker is also an idiot. Although the seller was legally required to ensure that the house was maintained and snow removal was taken care of after they moved out a month ago, nothing was done. The broker blamed the seller for not making plans and then dumped it all on the seller's attorney to get it taken care of. I met her and I could tell she was more concerned with how she looked than actually touching anything. She never even tried to call a plow service, she made the attorney make the calls. And the attorney bitched about it at the closing.
    Because we had a storm last week which snowed and switched to rain and sat on the driveway untouched, it turned into a glacier that my husband spent hours salting, sanding, and chopping yesterday until a plow finally showed up. I told them we would go to the closing but not sign anything until we had proof the driveway was clear (so the movers could get into the driveway today). We were late to the closing because we needed to go see the plowed driveway ourselves.
  • Finally, we took our cats to a cat sitter for the duration of the transition. One of our cats, Boots, got out some how. We found out yesterday morning that he has been missing since Wednesday afternoon. While my husband was shoveling snow yesterday, I was walking around near the cat sitter looking for him. I am going to head out this morning to go look for him in another neighborhood near by where there might have been a sighting. 
But finally we own a new house and are moving in today. The POD will be dropped off this morning by 10. The movers are coming between 8-830. Verizon is coming between 11-2 and the hutch we purchased will be delivered between 330-4. But I need to go find the cat.

Oh, my lymphedema arm is not happy with all this moving business. I might have actually carried things and am feeling it in my arm. And all my sleeves are packed so I have to wait until I can unpack to find one. but I have been doing my exercises which helps.

And my cold is still hanging in there. Yes I will go to the doctor if I am still sick on Monday.

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