Friday, June 23, 2017

I've Been Away

As us New Englanders say, I have been on the Cape for a few days. What does that mean? I went to Cape Cod. I stayed with a friend and her significant other for a few days at the house they rented for a month.

Her significant other had to go back home for a few days so the two of us had fun shopping at thrift stores, consignment stores, yarn stores, and book stores. I was on the hunt for a few items - spoon rest and clock for the downstairs. I found them. And a few other things that I didn't need. Like yarn, clothes, etc.

Finally the weather cleared up and we went to the beach. It was awesome. Do I have pictures? No. But there were sand bars that went on for miles, and miles. And I did get a touch too much sun.

But then all good things need to come to an end so I came home.... But it was  wonderful mini vacation.

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