Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Health Complicates Everything

I have too many ailments. Combined they interact and cause all kinds of problems. Normal people can have knee problems and then surgery to fix them. Me? Not so much.

I hurt my right knee skiing in 2001 and had arthroscopic surgery to fix as much as possible. My right knee became my bad knee. After surgery, the surgeon said if it ever stops locking up come back and see me again.

In 2015 I fell in our backyard and tore my left ACL. My left knee became my bad knee and my right knee became my good (or not quite as bad) knee. I then started over stressing my right knee which wasn't happy. In the fall of 2016, my right knee started locking up so I went back to my knee surgeon to talk about that.

Yesterday I went back to my knee surgeon who has been following me for both knees for the past year or so. And here's the bad news.

There is something going on with my right knee which causes it to lock up. It freezes and causes lots of pain. I feel my knee click back in place after a couple of minutes and the pain stops. I explained to my doctor that its not the aching pain that causes the problem its the locking and pain that I am concerned about. (Its not fun when it happens.)

Normal people would have the surgeon go in and clean up any tears that are causing the problem. He thinks its a piece of meniscus that sometimes sticks up and jams my knee. But with my medical history of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, he is concerned that it won't heal well and I will be left with more problems.

I have to go for a second opinion. I can't wait. I just want my knee to stop locking up. It hurts like hell when it does that. My too many ailments make it difficult for me to be treated. (Never mind my medical allergies as well.)

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pius m said...

I feel for you sorry for your state.

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