Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making Medical Decisions

We are given medical decisions all the time. When faced with them, there is the ever popular 'do nothing' option. The problem with that option is that it probably isn't the best option. If you are given a medical decision to make and you decide to ignore your options, you aren't doing yourself any favors. However, if you ask doctors you will probably find this to be very common.

The next option is to act and make a decision to do something, besides 'nothing'. This is usually the best option. But when making this decision, the criteria to look at are:
- benefits to you, the patient - longer life, less pain, etc
- benefits to your family and friends - you are still with them, you are less grumpy because you are in less pain, etc

Criteria to ignore:
- potential side effects of your choice. Most surgeries will leave a scar and some short term pain. Most medications carry some side effects. But you cannot know what can happen to you - how much short term pain, scars, or side effects - unless you try them.

The issue of cost can and does come up but then again you need to weigh it against the potential benefits. Many aid programs are available for those in need if you research it (ask your local social worker for assistance in this).

Then there is always the issue of deciding to doubt your decisions. No one can help you with this but you. You need to realize that you did think about it and made your decision so there is no reason to go back and rethink it unless you have some new information. And you cannot put your decision burden onto someone else. It needs to be your decision - its your body.

Okay, apparently I digress sometimes on stupid subjects but this one just annoys me to no end.


dojuma said...

sometimes yes we are forced to make decision

Allan said...

Oh yes we should always be making decisions over our health status

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