Monday, October 30, 2017


I am very frustrated right now. I am incredibly limited by my health normally and now I add in my knee that I am not supposed to be fully weight bearing or bend more than 90 degrees and the fact that I can't drive. Yesterday I really overdid things with my knee.

I am not supposed to bend my knee more than 90 degrees. I have a big (ugly, uncomfortable, awkward) brace to keep my leg straight that I no longer have to wear at home. I have smaller soft braces that are supposed to keep my knee straight but are much more comfortable to wear. It does make it easier on me. But doesn't protect my knee quite as much.

Yesterday morning we had another 'cat brought in the not quite dead chipmunk' which is now living in the baseboards of our dining room between periodic bouts of cat battles. At its first arrival, we waged an all out war on the thing, assisting the mighty 'Boots', backed up by soldier 'Evil Kitty' in his determination to dispose of it.

At one point during the battle when I was holding up table cloths and floor length curtains, for some stupidass reason, I bent my knee all the way. It did not instantly cause pain. But it hurts today. I will need to admit my lapse to the PT people today.

I need take it easy again today. I have to stay off my feet. I informed my family last night. We still have a house guest and she will have to be on her own because I just can't do anything.

So my frustration is:

  • Can't drive
  • Possible reinjury of knee
  • Unable to be a good hostess
  • The house looks like crap
  • Pain
  • Stuck at home
Finally, we also had a huge storm last night (typical New England - a tiny hurricane named Phillippe came up the coast and had a party with a Canadian cold front and another west moving front on top of New England). The are trees and branches down all over and many people without power. I will get to sit inside and look at the debris everywhere. More frustration. Grrr.....

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Andrea said...

I'm sorry but that's animal cruelty to wildlife. Please stop letting your cat outside! Most counties have leash laws so you're breaking the law by just opening the door & letting your cat outside. Cats are domestic animals and have no need to go outside! >:-(

I'm an animal rescuer to both domestic and wildlife animals. If I lived near you I'd report you to the county for letting your cat roam outside... or I'd humanely trap your cat and remove it from the neighborhood, to pass along to my rescue chain to find it a good inside home.

Please be a responsible pet owner!

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