Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reminder What Not To Say To Breast Cancer People

As part of the universal pinkification of October, Good Housekeeping magazine has a section on breast cancer (who knew?). But one thing they do include is a list of 15 things not to say to breast cancer people.
  1. You’re going to be fine
  2. Everything happens for a reason
  3. You don’t look sick – you look great
  4. My brother’s friend had breast cancer here’s what happened to her.
  5. That’s why I don’t use antiperspirant (deodorant, underwire bras)
  6. I hate my large breasts; I’d love to get rid of them.
  7. How did they find it? What stage was it?
  8. Have you tried cutting out sugar?
  9. Can I do anything for you
  10. You’re a badass! You’ll kick cancer!
  11. We could all be hit by a bus tomorrow
  12. Stay positive
  13. At least you have your hair
  14. I’m praying for you, miracles do happen!
  15. At least you’re single, and you don’t have kids to worry about.

Most of these I find to be just plain rude. If someone has cancer, any type, they are so stressed they do not care about most of these. Even asking them if you can do something for them can be stressful. They have to stop and think if they need anything, which they probably do, but can't think of, so you added more stress, and they just say 'nothing, thank you.' If you need more understanding here, go read the rest of the article at Good Housekeeping.

Just think before you say anything (and insert your foot in your mouth). The best thing you can say to any one with cancer is 'how are you feeling today?' A simple easy honest question.

Then say something like 'I'm going to the grocery store, can I pick you up some milk, etc? Don't offer to mow their lawn, just mow it. Offer to take their kids to school in the morning and bring them home.

In the meantime, go buy some Halloween candy to get ready for the real reason for the month of October.

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