Monday, December 25, 2017

Favorites During Chemo

When you are starting chemo, you are warned not to eat your favorite foods during chemo because if chemo makes them taste bad you will never be able to enjoy them again. It's also true of activities that you are able to enjoy doing during chemo.

When I was in chemo, I spent a lot of quality time watching bad tv with the cat sitting next to me. The cat would sit next to me all the time. Watching tv was okay because I could barely focus and could watch the same movies over and over again. They were peripherals.

I still have not eaten one shrimp or scallions. If I smelled scallions during chemo I would have to leave the room because of the smell.  I used to love shrimp and don't really remember eating them much during chemo, but I can't stand them these days.

During chemo, I started knitting and crocheting. This has since lead to weaving and an unhealthy stash of yarn. I don't crochet as muss I used to but I definitely knit and weave. I enjoy them. I find it relaxing. I also enjoy finding colors and texture that work together, or figuring out a new pattern.

But then when knitting or weaving, if I start to think about how I got involved in them again it makes me sad and think about chemo again, and cancer and go back down that cancer road again. Which really sucks in some ways.

But I try to make myself forget all about it and push it out of my brain so I can enjoy myself doing the things I like. Cancer can really suck!

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Alex said...

Hi Caroline
My name is Alex,i am from the uk just started chemo and radio for throat cancer and would like to wish you and you family a very merry Christmas and a rewarding new year,you sound a very positive person which is good so am I,all the best for 2018 my money's on you to beat it .xx

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