Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cancer again....

Did you know that if you have cancer once you have a 3.5-36.9% chance of getting an unrelated second cancer (been there, done that). And that 70% of cancer people have a comorbid condition which requires better medical care for the rest of their life. So maybe you smoked and got one cancer, 15 years later you find you have lung cancer, eve though you quit smoking at your first diagnosis.

No I don't make this stuff up. Someone finally did a study on people who have cancer once and rates of developing a new cancer. They found out lots of interesting things:

  • Many people who have cancer once do not take steps to reduce the risk of getting a new cancer.
  • People who are successfully treated for early breast or lung cancer are likely to live a long time, thus increasing their risk of developing a new cancer 
  • They are excluded from clinical trials which may prevent them from having access to the best potential treatment for thei new cancer
So where does this leave us? 
  • Post cancer patients should continue to see specialists after a cancer.
  • They should  receive  counseling on how to reduce their risk of additional cancers even more than people who have not had cancer previously. 
  • Post cancer people should be included in clinical trials. 
Us cancer people need to stick together and reduce our risk of more cancer

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