Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Blogging In The New Year

I have many plans for 2018.

For my health, I hope to have a healthier 2018 than 2017 was. Honestly I do not think I can deal with any more ailments. I hope I can be healthier.

For my blog, I hope to go back to blogging regularly. I started blogging about breast cancer and have continued to blog through the roller coaster of the rest of my health. This all started in 2007, more than ten years ago. While I have been blogging almost every day, in the last few years I might have slowed down a little and skipped a day here and there.

Then last summer, I made the decision, due to travel and other plans, to take my blog off line for a few weeks. While the internet can be a wonderful thing, it can also be stressful and depressing. Many mental health professionals tell people to stay off the internet. So as I would be traveling and would not have access to the internet, I decided just to take a break.

Unfortunately I have not gotten back into regular blogging since. Blogging provides me emotional support. It provides me a way to cope with my feelings and emotions as I deal with my health and other issues. I need to get back to regular blogging to help myself deal with life.

For my stressors, I hope to get back on top of them. I have a couple of significant issues going on in my life that I am not ready to deal with - mostly because they are not resolved. Both are beyond my control. And one of them is not my story to tell so I am not going to blog about it until it is resolved. In the meantime both cause me stress. And I need to work on my coping and get on top of them.

Life with cancer and other medical issues is not easy. I am unique in that my pile of issues is not common. I can find support in many areas but unfortunately not in a single one. This requires me to spread myself thin in coping.

But my goal in 2018 is to blog regularly throughout the year and thus cope better. Here's to a Happy New Year and more blogging!

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