Thursday, January 4, 2018

Life Inside the Bomb Cyclone

All of a sudden the meteorologists are giving us their fancy vocabulary instead of allowing the media to create terms like 'snowmageddon'. So instead of living inside a blizzard (or a snow globe), we are inside the bomb cyclone.

What is it like? Today when I woke up it was not snowing. By 8am it was snowing. The black cat (Evil Kitty) came in with snowflakes on him. I am also watching the barometer (because we have one finally). It was at 29.8 last night, 29.4 this morning, and is already down to 29.3. I am being such a geek.

I did some planning yesterday afternoon. We have been home for days on end. We went out to dinner last week some time. But we also had a snowstorm, house guests, and the holidays. Since then we have been eating leftovers, morning, noon, and night. Last night I suggested we go out to dinner. Which we did. It was nice. I am so sick of my own cooking.

But I digressed. Its snowing like hell right now. The temperature is a balmy 18 degrees. Yesterday was 28. But for a week before that it was around 10 for a high. And Saturday is predicted to be around zero. (Can't wait.)

My plans for the day include catching up on the DVR, knitting, weaving, and reading. I will not leave the house unless I get really motivated. I might make some kind of something out of the last of the left over (damn) lamb from Saturday.  We might even pull out the scrabble game and play for a bit. I will ice my knee for a bit and when my back starts hurting I have my heating pad.

I also do not have any doctor appointments planned until next week. But I do have to make some calls on prescriptions... My insurance company changed mail order prescription provider as of the first of the year and everything is currently a mystery. I also have to make some notes on past and upcoming doctor appointments so I don't lose my mind when I can't remember anything.

So life inside the Bomb Cyclone isn't any more complicated than during any other snow storm. What would I be doing if we weren't having a 'bomb cyclone'? Probably the same thing, except I would not be watching the barometer.

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