Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Running On Empty

Today I am running on empty. If I had any energy, I would be on my way to the gym. I am not moving yet. Well I had some breakfast but am back in bed. I will meet a friend for lunch later today and then possibly drag myself off to the gym after.

I am exhausted.

Maybe I should go to the doctor or something. No wait, I had three appointments on Monday. And I see my rheumatologist next week. I can nap every day between now and then.

These days I am good for about 10 hours a day total. If I lie down each afternoon for a couple of hours, I can then stay up for dinner and go to bed early.

Talk about lack of quality of life.


Ignore everything I just wrote. I am whining. I am tired. Maybe I need a morning nap after 9.5 hours of sleep. Crap.

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