Monday, January 8, 2018

Back On The Fitness Bandwagon

Finally, I am back on the fitness bandwagon. This week is my first full week of three days at the gym. Finally. I am excited, but exhausted.

According to my card at the gym, I had an extended absence from October 4 to December 20. I was so excited to go back. But have forced myself to take it easy. With the help of the physical therapist at the gym, I cut back my exercise plan significantly. I cut down on the weight I use, the time I do cardio, and added a number of specific 'knee strengthening' exercises. I also have spent three weeks only going twice a week.

Its killing me.

Every time I leave the gym, I am exhausted. and I come home and lie down for an hour or so to recover. This is more than in the past. I was so tired yesterday when I got home from the gym, I tried to knit while exhausted and ended up having to pull it all out again and start over.

I guess I got out of shape.

This is a big week. First of all its my first week of going to the gym three times as opposed to twice a week for the past three weeks. Second, I have my three month follow up with the surgeon this morning. I just hope he doesn't tell me to slow down

I feel significantly flabbier these days because I spent three months sitting around. This has put me out of shape. With RA and fibromyalgia I can't just push myself like healthy people. I am going to have to take it slow for a while. Maybe in six months I will be back at my old workout routine and not as exhausted as I have been.

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