Thursday, January 18, 2018

I Am Very Confused

I realize this must be part of the vast conspiracy to keep breast cancer patients confused. Nancy, over at Nancy's Point, blogged about the AJCC’s Updates to the Breast Cancer Staging System, asking if we are confused about it. Well, since I didn't know about the updates (or even who the AJCC is) I was and still am very confused.

Let's start with the AJCC or the American Joint Committee on Cancer. Apparently they are the people who set up cancer staging criteria. They set the original TNM staging system in 1959. TNM means Tumor size, Nodes positive, and Metastases. 

"The panel recognized the need to incorporate biologic factors, such as tumor grade, proliferation rate, estrogen and progesterone receptor expression, human epidermal growth factor 2 (HER2) expression, and gene expression prognostic panels into the staging system. AJCC levels of evidence and guidelines for all tumor types were followed as much as possible. The panel felt that, to maintain worldwide value, the tumor staging system should remain based on TNM anatomic factors. However, the recognition of the prognostic influence of grade, hormone receptor expression, and HER2 amplification mandated their inclusion into the staging system."

I used to know what stage I am - IIA. Now I can't figure it out. With all this other stuff included. I am very confused. I looked at the American Cancer Society's website for help. And I am even more confused. There is no more little chart that shows what you stage you are. 

So here is my game plan: I will ignore all this new information until I meet with my oncologist sometime next summer and ask her. I feel this is better for more. A little ignorance and confusion will go a long way in reducing my stress. 

Now all of us breast cancer people can have these little conversations:

'What stage are you?'
'IIa, I think.'
'Is that the old staging or the new staging?'
'What new staging?'
'You didn't hear about it?'
All the breast cancer staging changed in 2018. They added all sorts of new information, grade, hormone status, etc'
'Oh, so if I was stage IIb, do you know what new stage I am?'
'No, I don't even know what stage I am. I can't figure  it out. I'm going to ask my oncologist.'
'Crap, let me call my oncologist too.'

But I swear there is a vast conspiracy out there to keep us all confused.

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