Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Yesterday was not one of the good days. No, I did not have a health catastrophe. But I had a couple of emotional/stress related catastrophes. To recover I went to the gym and destress by abusing my body on the stationary bike for a while. (Until my phone started ringing and I had to take the call because of other stress issues.)

And other stress happened. But I took a deep breath, had a glass of wine with dinner (a very yummy meal as we got some acorn fed pork from a friend). With dinner I made an apple chutney with cloves and a sweet potato hash. Cooking helps destress me. The fancier the meal the more stressed I am.

I hope today is a better day. I am staying home because of another tiny snow storm. In the meantime, I am sitting up in bed and hanging out with Boots. That should help my stress too. Boots is always relaxed.

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