Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Until I Drop

Every day that I go out the door (which is not everyday), I go until I drop or that is what it feels like.

Yesterday is an example: three doctor appointments at two different places 45 minutes apart, two stops at stores, one stop at my parents for 15 minutes, and then home. I was so tired by the time I got home, I was barely standing. I took the easy way out and got in bed for the next two hours.

At my last stop, at the podiatrist that I have been going to since last summer, I ran into a friend who worked there. I knew she worked in a medical office but I didn't know she worked in that one. She only works two days a week which explains why I haven't run into her before. When I told her my schedule, she said something to the effect of that I must be exhausted after being out for so long. She knows me.

Today I am still in bed and don't have to go any further than the laundry room and the mailbox. I will enjoy myself. And I might need a nap. I can get exhausted staying home.

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