Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Got to meet lots of doctors

Yesterday I spent ALL day at Lahey. What fun. In the morning I had an EMG to find out about hopefully unrelated tingling in my left leg - probably caused by bursitis or a pinched nerve. However in view of everything else that is going on, I need to have a follow up bone scan next week to make sure.

Then we met with the surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, and social worker. Apparently the good news is they caught it early, it is small, and is positive for estrogen and progesterone reception which means it should react well to hormone therapy. Also good news is they took off the damn itchy steri strips. Then the bad news. The MRI last week picked up a suspect area that is also located in my left breast which needs a further look so I have another ultrasound and possible needle biopsy tomorrow - which means more DAMN itchy steri strips. If that is positive, I am a candidate for a mastectomy instead of just a lumpectomy. I should know more late this week or early next week. I have since found out that MRIs show false positives - pick up something that isn't really there. I have already had two mammograms and an ultrasound that didn't show this so it is possible that it doesn't exist. Power of positive thinking here. Either way I go back to the surgeon on the 14th for decision time as well

More stress, more waiting. Desserts is stressed backwards - I don't really like dessert that much. What other junk foods spell something related backwards?

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