Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here's a new game to play!

So the big thing with a cancer diagnosis is, has it SPREAD? As I sit here and wait for the results, I can tell you every ache and pain in my body is surely the result of a vast network of tumors waiting for full diagnosis. Yesterday in the Boston Globe, there was an article on ovarian cancer, the "silent killer". Of course, I decided I must have symptoms of this and started to play the game.

The way to play is go to the American Cancer Society website www.cancer.org and select Learn About Cancer/Choose a Cancer Topic. Then pick a type of cancer and see if you can self diagnosis yourself! Who needs a medical degree when you can do it all online! There are a few cancers in there I can safely say I don't have: Male Breast Cancer, Penile Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Childhood Cancers, but there are still many on the list to go through! What a great stress reliever! NOT!

Also I said I recently went to the Marble Museum in VT. Well it turns out I missed the best part of the museum as noted here:

"The Vermont Marble Museum is one of five finalists in the sixth annual contest to be declared as hosting America's Best Restroom.

It's fitting that a museum devoted to the local marble quarrying industry would feature what contest sponsor Cintas, a Cincinnati-based company that supplies and maintains corporate restrooms, calls restrooms "made entirely of marble."

Marble restrooms aren't all that uncommon, but Cintas says it also was impressed with the "bright flowers and lace curtains to soften the smooth lines."

The competition is stiff."

I didn't use the bathroom I was there. Now I have to go back. To find out more about this google 'restroom marble museum'.

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