Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Napping is a good thing

I now feel much better. I slept a lot last night and more today and actually ate a balanced lunch with my parents - salad, soup, bread and butter. Then more ice cream for a snack. I spoke with the Dr's office and they said it is normal to be in a fair amount of pain from where they dug around to find the lymph node they took out. Ice and darvocet seem to manage it fine.

I am not supposed to pick up anything more than 5 lbs for the next two weeks - that includes the vacuum cleaner, laundry baskets, the cat (14.4 lbs). Hmmm... They did mention something else about no housework for a year but I don't think I can get away with that. Walter is being very good but he needs to workout his stress as well as get some downtime in.

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