Sunday, November 21, 2010

Decision making

I make my own medical decisions. I do. I make decisions about lots of things (my husband says we always end up doing what I want but that's another blog post) but I feel comfortable making decisions. When it comes to medical decisions, I usually make a decision when first proposed to me and do not opt to go home and 'sleep on it' or research the hell out of it.

Dr. Berk had an unfortunate bike accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. He partially credits his return to health as a result of the involvement of his family in the decision making process and how it made them stronger as a family.

Granted, the decisions he dealt with are different than the ones I have been making. I often make my own medical decisions, sometimes I consult my husband but usually I just act. Its my body and I get to decide what is best for it. Last year, when my husband was dealing with the fact that they couldn't get clean margins on his polyp removal, I bit my tongue and let him decide what he wanted.

Now are we wrong? Should we consult each other on each decision? We did get married until we were in our 40's so were used to making decisions on our own. We communicate but make our own decisions. However we are about to under go so house renovations - these decisions are under a microscope here as to what we want to have for a kitchen counter top, kitchen floor, how funky the bathroom tiles can be, etc. This is a different kind of situation for us.

I think if we can accept each other's medical decisions, we are okay with how we handle things. Home improvement is another story.

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