Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have homework to do!

Last Monday, as in a week ago yesterday, I started a new exercise class. Its one of those with the big price - free if you had cancer (in this case breast cancer). It meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. I knew I would miss last Wednesday and yesterday but will make it tomorrow. I was told that you get two free books with the class that contain all the exercises and you need to read a chapter a week in one of them.

Well, I have never been very good about homework. I worked hard in college but fun interfered with studying so I ended up with a decent grade but not magna cum laude by any means. After college I did get two post graduate certificates and did do my homework but maybe now I am off the homework study thing. I can't remember to read the damn book. To be fair I once took the book out the library and eventually it made its way back unread and overdue. But I do mean to try to read the damn thing this time. Especially since now I have my free but expensive copy.

Sometimes this free if you had cancer thing bugs me. Everyone means well, but I find the price too high personally. There are free weekends, free t shirts, free dinners, free classes, etc. But they weren't free to all of us who receive them. They come at a very high price. Personally while I appreciate the thought, I would rather not be eligible.

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