Sunday, November 14, 2010

So what does all that pink crap really mean?

Pink was my favorite color. Along came breast cancer and its pink ribbons on everything - socks, t shirts, cars, food packaging, store windows, etc. Then the world is bathed in pepto bismol for the month of October (instead of orange and black). Millions wear a pink bracelet. Thousands wear little pink ribbon pins to declare their medical history.

And what has changed? Not a hell of a lot. Some companies got rich making a lot of pink crap. Everyone knows what color ribbon stands for breast cancer. Everyone will say the words 'breast cancer' instead of whispering it as a death sentence. Teenage boys can say the word 'breast' with the word 'cancer' without snickering. The world is full of people who know about breast cancer but are sure they will not get it.

We are aware of breast cancer thank you. We do not need more awareness. We need a cure. I know I am being redundant but awareness is overdone for breast cancer. Can we talk about other kinds of cancer? There are lots of cancers out there. Some grow tumors. Some grow in your blood. Some grow in your lymph system. Some case a lot of pain. Some you don't feel until its way to late. Some cannot be operated on. There are millions of people in this country who have been down the cancer road and are waiting, not very patiently, for the day they do not need to fear their cancer's return because there will be a cure.

The pink crap has brought us a pepto colored world where people can talk about breast cancer but where we still can't make it go away.

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