Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brains are required

I am irked by stupid people. Or by people who don't understand that they are stupid. Brains are required in life. Yesterday there was an attempted jewelry store robbery near the gym I go to. In fact, I had to go around three road blocks to get the last mile to the gym. That was annoying but no where near as annoying as the woman I met later.

Basically there was a shootout at the robbery a block from the gym I go to which ended up with an injured (non-life threatening) police officer, a more seriously injured suspect, and two or three missing armed accomplices so there were many police officers around. There was this woman at the gym who was loudly complaining about road blocks and so many police with guns. She didn't understand why they had to be there and were blocking traffic which inconvenienced her. She said the robbers probably got nothing and they shouldn't waste their time with them. Instead they should go after the bankers who have broken all the laws and have all the money but never get caught. She was also complaining loudly enough that you could hear her all across the gym. I failed to understand her logic. There were armed people they couldn't find who didn't hesitate to shot at police.

After we exhausted that topic (simply by ignoring her for a bit), she contributead to a conversation I was having with another woman about our respective health ailments (breast cancer, lymphedema, back pain) and the benefits of medical massage to relieve pain. She said we should go to her doctor and her masseuse to get our health issues taken care of. Her doctor had done surgery on her back and she was much better so therefore it should help us. Um, I was told there is no surgery to correct my back pain and my back is different than her back.

I found her to be insensitive and rude. I don't think she realized how she comes across and that she wasn't using her brain. Her comments about the robbery were a bit out of whack. If there are armed criminals they can't find, I would prefer that they focus on catching them. Also, her diatribe (no other word for it) on back surgery benefits bordered on very rude. She was very insistent that she was in the right. And was loud and abrupt.

If I see her at the gym again I will make sure my MP3 player is turned up loud so I can't hear her and just nod in her direction.

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